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Virtuemart Payment CashU

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License type: GPLv2. Commecial
Support Languages: English, Arabic, Farsi
Current Version: 1.0.1
Last Update: 27-01-2015
Download/Views: 1/0
Support Extension: Virtuemart 2.0
Author: Daniel Dinh
Extension License
CASHU is a safe payment method designed for and customized to suit, serve & support online shoppers in all Arabic speaking and surrounding countries with secure, accessible and easy to use payment solutions, giving everyone the possibility to buy online without discriminating on income, nationality or banking contacts.


CashU payment Plugin for Virtuemart component

Languages: English

- Joomla 2.5.x and Joomla 3.0.x
- Virtuemart 2.0

Install Instructions:

1. Joomla site

- Install and publish module.
- Basic Tab: you should enter information related to cashU such as Merchant ID, Encrypt word, Payment mode, language and currency
- Layout Tab: You have options to show more fields to collect donator info: Name, Email and Comment field
- Text Tab: Config some messages such as: Success message, before message, after message and email setting for both Admin and Donator
- In email content, there are parameters you can embed to: [NAME], [EMAIL], [CURRENCY], [AMOUNT]


2. CashU setting

- Log into CashU as Merchant account
- Go to Merchant Services tab, click on Service setup
- Enter Service name and Merchant display name then click Next
- In payment method, tick on Cashu Prepaid
- In setting form, enter Encrypt keyword, choose return url and notify url as screenshot

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